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    Search Engine Optimization-Affordable SEO Services in Oregon

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a critical part of the success of your website. 

    Just because you put a website up, does not mean you are automatically going to get traffic to it. Sure you may get some direct traffic from friends or clients that know you have a website, but you need NEW customers. You need those that are in need of what you have to offer and who are searching for it on Google or other search engines.

    What many don’t understand is that your website is not going to rank better in Google just because you get as many friends and clients as you can to visit it. Google and other search engines have to see each page of your website as one of the most relevent pages when someone does a search so that it will pull up on the first page out of thousands to millions of other sites!!

    To do this, there is a lot of research involved. Some questions I ask in order to do this research for each page of the site include:

    • What is the page about? What’s the main topic?
    • How are people searching for this topic? What actual words or phrases do they type into the search bar?
    • How many people tend to search for this topic daily, monthly?
    • What is the competition for this topic and specific phrases that people are searching for?

    So you see, there is extensive research that has to be done in order to rank well for each page of your website on Google or any other search engine. People usually do not click past the first page of search results so it is crucial that the pages of your site pull up on the first page and as high up as possible!

    Search engine optimization does not happen over night. It takes time and continual research until the desired results are achieved. And once those results are achieved, there is maintenance to be done in order to keep your position because there is constant competition from other websites and algorithm changes by the search engines in order to display the most relevant sites for the searcher.

    I offer basic search engine optimization included with any new website or redesign that consists of meta tags,page titles,submitting to search engines, and I try to create all my websites with clean and minimal code.

    If you’d like more in depth optimization contact me for a quote.

    In depth search engine optimization consists of:

    • Extensive keyword research of the topic of each page you’d like optimized
    • Changing meta tags to consist of whatever keyword or phrase I’ve come up with for the page
    • Changing the content of the page to include that keyword or phrase in a way that fits naturally into the content
    • Image titles
    • Alt tags
    • Submitting your site to directories all over the web
    • Monitoring the optimized pages for at least 2 months and making changes as needed

    Since each page needs to be optimized separately because it is it’s own topic, I can do just one page of your site or as many as you need!

    Open the doors to your site! Each page of your website is an entryway….Let me help people to find your site through each possible entrance!